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If you are interested in Midland Road Studios, don’t hesitate to book a coffee and tour now.

Midland Road Studios are the country’s only solar powered fully digital HD broadcast studios, set-up specifically for corporate and marketing use.

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What to expect

As part of the Marketing + Technologies Group our studios offer a hybrid conference and event space designed to address the need for high production value content produced and broadcast directly to large global audiences. We regularly broadcast to groups of just few hundred, up to a hundred thousand simultaneous viewers.

We also operate the world’s leading 3D HD discoverable virtual venue platform, V-Ex, which hosts 700+ live online exhibitions, conferences, show rooms and training centres, including many Digital Twins of real-life physical venues*.

We blend the engagement of real people and places with the reach and inclusivity of 24/7 online access.

As a global digital marketing and events specialist, we also provide turnkey event services for physical events, plus amazing VR and AR experiences for in-person exhibitions and meetings.

What you will see:
  • Midland Road Studio Digital HD broadcast studio, video wall & CG used in cutting edge film production**
  • V-Ex Virtualworlds tour. (Interactive photoreal 3D environments for exhibitions, retail education etc.)
  • Digital Twin experience (blending physical people and places with online venues)
  • Live guided VR experience ***
  • Hybrid events demo
  • Livestreaming and social events demo including LinkedIn / Facebook events.
  • Ultimate AR for exhibition engagement demo
  • Gamification – how does it work and what does it cost?

 Digital marketing questions…

If you have questions such as: ‘Where does Meta fit-in to the marketing mix’?

‘Should I be using AI tools like ChatGPT’? and ‘How do I build a hybrid or fully virtual event’? then talk to our team now.


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Midland Road Studios
Progress House
Midland Rd
Worcester WR5 1AQ


* V-Ex produces the world’s largest and most advanced virtual exhibition and event spaces, used for exhibitions, conferences, showrooms, education, corporate communications, training and marketing.

**Not mandatory, but it’s certainly a highlight and well worth checking out, especially if you are visiting on-site at Midland Road Studios.

***Note: only VR (Virtual Reality) experiences require wearing a physical headset to fully appreciate.